Employment & Immigration

We consult on labour relations issues related to employment, promotion of employees, termination of employment relationships, collective agreements and disputes between employer and employee, etc. Taking into account the individual needs of the client, we prepare all the necessary contracts and documents related to the employment relationship, advise on the execution, replacement and termination of contracts, payment of work, liability, rest periods, safety of work. We also advise on the issues of employment of foreigners in Latvia, prepare documents and help foreigners employed in Latvia to obtain residence permits and work permits.

Understanding the importance of the company’s intangible assets – intellectual property, trade secrets and other confidential information – for the company and its ability to compete, we attach great importance to the issues of non-compete employees and the protection of commercial secrets. In these topics we also organize and conduct seminars and various trainings for company executives.

We have experience in these areas:

  • Preparation of company documents and contracts governing the employment relationship;
  • Preparation of internal procedures, job descriptions and other internal documents;
  • Protection of confidential information and the development of non-compete agreements;
  • Regulation of use of information technology;
  • Redundancy issues;
  • Counselling and representation in matters of employment of foreigners and obtaining residence permits in Lithuania;
  • Representation in state institutions controlling labour relations and legal disputes;
  • Advice on hiring employees.


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