AAA Law – among IP leaders in Lithuania

We are happy to share that AAA Law is among leading IP companies in Lithuania recognized by World Trademark Review.

“A leading light in Lithuanian IP”, AAA Law has cross-office collaboration down pat, with its teams across the Baltic states working seamlessly side by side. The business law firm offers a comprehensive menu of trademark services, although opposition proceedings are a particular forte.

The group takes its cue from founder and senior partner Marius Jakulis Jason, a master tactician and invaluable sounding board whose advice enables smart decision making. Colleagues Otilija Klimaitienė and Aušra Pakėnienė deftly navigate the contentious/non-contentious divide. An expert on the alcoholic beverage industry, Klimaitienė has a knack for enhancing the value of portfolios; while WTR 1000 newcomer Pakeniene handles registrations and office actions with a deft touch, while tenaciously enforcing clients’ rights before local authorities as well as at the EUIPO.

AAA Law associated partners in other Baltic states – Petersona Patents – AAA Law (in Latvia) and AAA Legal Services (in Estonia) were recognized among leaders in their countries as well, while their representatives – Gatis Meržvinskis, Kristine Ostrovska, Almar Sehver, Mikas Miniotas, Ingrid Matsina and Villu Pavelts where described as the experts in the field.
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