Aleksas Šulnius

IT and FinTech Advisor
Vilnius / Lithuania

Aleksas has a 15 years’ experience in IT sector, 7 of which are related to leading, managing IT teams and projects. His main experience comes from dealing with the IT challenges in Financial/Banking sector. Aleksas has an extensive knowledge in establishing high performing IT teams, delivering innovative financial solutions, also defining the Fintech research visions. Aleksas’ experience in Central and Commercial banks gives him knowledge from both areas: government and private.
Aleksas was the main architect of Central Bank’s Blockchain sandbox vision, which was selected as one of the best innovative visions of the Lithuanian public sector. Now Aleksas continues to deepen his knowledge in the Blockchain field within technical and regulatory perspectives, consulting various teams and companies from Europe and China about Fintech, Blockchain and IT questions.

– Defined Lithuanian Central Bank’s Blockchain sandbox vision.

– Managed IT solution development implementing compliance requirements.

– Ensuring deliveries of innovative financial solutions.

– Establishing innovative support processes of financial Fintech solutions.

– Consulted European and Chinese companies in implementing Fintech Blockchain projects.

Since 2019 — Cooperation with AAA Law, IT Advisor

Since 2017 — Danske Bank
2008–2017 — Central Bank of Lithuania

2017 — Vilnius University (Lithuania), Master in Program Systems Management
2008 — Vilnius University (Lithuania), Bachelor in Software Engineering

Lithuanian, English, Russian

Aleksas is interested in IT project management, Blockchain, Fintech, compliance related technical questions. He prepares his comments on various topics related to technical and IT management questions. He also gives his opinion about possible solutions to the future of Blockchain applications, adoption possibilities and current (future) regulatory environment.

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